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Learn AI Online in 24 Weeks

Artificial intelligence (AI) has dramatically increased in popularity and use in recent years, so much so that machine learning engineer was one of Glassdoor’s Top 50 Best Jobs in America in 2022. And no wonder: AI can help organizations increase efficiency, solve complex challenges, and cut costs.

As an AI boot camp student, you will build proficiency in numerous technologies to help meet that growing demand — such as Python, unsupervised and supervised machine learning, generative AI, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and chatbots. Expert instructors will help you hone your skills and help you to build an impressive professional portfolio that displays your AI talents to potential employers.

Behind every smart device is a smarter human. How will you harness the power of AI for your organization? Optimize your career opportunities with the University of Utah Professional Education AI Boot Camp today.

Structured Flexibility

Our course is designed for working professionals. It provides participants with the structure and support they need to be successful in achieving their career goals.

Innovative Instruction

Our online AI boot camp from University of Utah Professional Education offers live, interactive virtual classes led by expert instructors in the field of data analytics, programming, and artificial intelligence.

Real-World Projects

Our market-driven curriculum teaches you in-demand AI and machine learning models through real-world examples. Everything you learn is immediately applicable to a professional environment across a range of industries.

Why Choose Our AI Boot Camp?

  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion from University of Utah Professional Education that you can show to potential employers after studying part-time over 24 weeks.
  • You will be able to pursue careers across a wide range of industries that use AI — or will implement AI tools at your current organization.
  • You will follow a curriculum that covers a range of key topics such as Python coding, external APIs, data modeling and forecasting, neural network models, deep learning, and ethics and AI.
  • You will build a portfolio of work that solves data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence problems to further stand out in a competitive job market.
  • You will join a career engagement network that will help you gain access to potential employers and career support services even after you’ve completed your boot camp.
  • You will have an instructional team, tutor network, and network of your peers to help you in your studies.
  • You will take part in engaging virtual classes and interactive lessons.

Market-Relevant Curriculum

Upon completion of this AI boot camp, you’ll have gained a wide variety of programming, data, and machine learning skills. You’ll be ready to create Python-based scripts, interact with JSON parsing techniques and APIs using Python Requests, use data-driven programming languages and libraries, and much more. The curriculum is comprised of the following market-relevant topics:*

Programming for Artificial Intelligence

  • Fundamental Python syntax
  • Python coding logic and reasoning
  • Python script and dictionary creation

Making Predictions with Data

  • Data modeling
  • Data forecasting
  • Time series data

Machine Learning Optimization

  • Evaluating model performance
  • Imbalanced data
  • Model selection for success metrics
  • Limitations of traditional models

AI Ethics

  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Data reproducibility
  • Algorithmic bias
  • Data privacy regulations

Deep Learning

  • Deep learning vs. neural networks
  • Deep learning on TensorFlow and Keras

Natural Language Processing

  • Natural language processing
  • Tokenization
  • Word models

Emerging Topics

  • Generative AI
  • AI applications outside the computer
  • Active research areas
  • Ethics and regulation
*The material covered is subject to change. Our academic team adjusts to the market demand.

What Employers Are Saying About the AI Boot Camp

Don’t just take our word for it. See what hiring managers and tech leaders across the globe with experience are saying about the AI Boot Camp. From top research universities to start-ups, these leaders have their fingers on the pulse of what AI skills are needed today and tomorrow.

  • The skills acquired in the AI Boot Camp will prove valuable in almost every job in the future.

    Akshika Wijesundara, Ph.D

    Research Associate in Machine Learning,

    King’s College Chief Technology Officer, Tilli

  • I would consider hiring an AI Boot Camp graduate. Completing a boot camp demonstrates initiative and a commitment to gaining practical skills. It also ensures hands-on experience with topics like programming, data science, and machine learning.

    Priyo Chatterjee, Ph.D

    Advisor, Stealth Start-Up

    Former Head of Data Science:

    Advertiser Products, Meta

  • The learning outcomes for the AI Boot Camp are the essential AI and machine learning skills that I would expect from a Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

    Matt Drayer

    Director of Enterprise Solutions, 2U

*Testimonials come from paid members of the edX AI advisory council.

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Job Outcomes

Upon finishing the AI boot camp, you will be ready for a variety of different roles, including:

  • Collect, interpret, and visualize key financial and market data in order to help an organization make more informed decisions.
  • Run programs, predictive models, and algorithms that improve pattern recognition in machines and perform tasks that help accomplish project goals.
  • Assist organizations across a wide range of industries in applying AI solutions to reduce costs, develop business growth strategies, and train employees to leverage AI in their everyday roles.
  • Develop and improve artificial intelligence systems and methodology to be used across a variety of business applications from chatbots and language processing, to speech and facial recognition systems.

An AI Boot Camp is Right for You If:


You’re currently working as a data or business analyst and looking to take your tech career to the next level by adding machine learning, programming, and AI model training tools to your resume.


You want to apply AI techniques and methodology in your current role to further drive growth for your organization, and to be the one your team turns to for new ways to solve complex business problems.


You’re looking to build a career in tech from the ground up more quickly than with a traditional degree program, and you want to leverage AI model training tools in your chosen industry.

About the Boot Camp

This boot camp, offered in partnership with edX, is made available through a unique consortium delivery model to provide skills-based learning to participants across Utah and beyond. Participants will be taught by a university-approved instructor, while learning alongside students from other consortium-participating universities and institutions. Upon meeting the completion requirements, participants will be issued a non-credit Certificate of Completion by University of Utah Professional Education.

How to Apply

Our next AI boot camp starts soon — apply now to reserve your spot today. It will only take you a minute to request information and be put in touch with a member of the admissions team. From there, our team will be able to answer your questions and help you get started on your boot camp application. To apply:

  1. Fill out our program interest form so an admissions advisor can get in touch with you.
  2. Connect with an admissions advisor to discuss the program and talk through your goals.
  3. Complete a short application.
  4. Complete a multiple-choice critical-thinking and problem-solving assessment.
  5. Connect with admissions to discuss financial options and payment.
  6. Finalize your enrollment and pay your deposit.
  7. Start your boot camp!

AI Boot Camp Schedule

  • 24-week online format
  • Study part-time while maintaining your existing professional, educational, or personal obligations.
  • Learn through live online classes three days per week and projects designed to enhance your portfolio.
  • Dedicate 9 hours of scheduled in-class time per week and an aditional 20 hours outside of class to hands-on projects and practice work.

Currently Enrolling

If you’re ready to learn more about University of Utah Professional Education AI Boot Camp and expand your career opportunities,
contact an admissions advisor at (801) 895-2166 or fill out the form below.

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